What we are about

Management for Technology Pty Ltd has been providing specialised supply chain information system consulting/ facilitation expertise to the meat and livestock industry since 1993. The major focus has been the implementation of information technology to strategically and operationally improve the management of the industry supply chain.

Some of the key industry-wide projects undertaken over the last 17 years include:

  • The adoption of GS1 numbering and bar coding standards for the meat industry through MLA projects. 1998 - Ongoing
  • Conception, development and deployment of the MSA DNA traceability program using DNA for traceability for MLA and MSA. 1997 - 2000. This technology was commercialised by Generic Solutions as a result of the project.
  • The electronic meat transfer certificate project through MLA and AQIS. 2000 - Ongoing.
  • The electronic forms program through MLA, LPA and AUS-MEAT. 2002 - Ongoing.
  • Conception, development and deployment of MSA information systems data collection and databases through MLA. Commenced 1997 - 2002 - handed over to internal MSA personnel.
  • The PigPass NVD system through APL. 2006 - Ongoing.
  • The Physi-Trace biological Traceability Program
  • The feedlot data collection, consolidation and analysis reporting service through Bovine Dynamics and QFS (data analysis of over one million head of feedlot cattle across 23 feedlots). 2004 - Ongoing.
  • Interactive meat industry training content programs for MINTRAC. 2005 - Ongoing.

These projects were undertaken using a collaborative model with the client, industry participants and the project team. The delivery systems for these projects include both cloud computer business models as well as client managed computing resources models.