What we do

Management for Technology Pty Ltd provides a range of services to our clients that focus on the meat industry business processes and supply chain project areas:

  1. Consulting services covering such areas as industry supply chain analysis as related to traceability and information systems while ensuring compliance with State and Federal regulatory requirements. The scope of the consulting services varies greatly depending on the client requirements. The deliverables from the consulting services can include the implementation plan for an industry project, cost benefit analysis and business model/technology options to address an industry program.

  2. Project services covering such actions at designing and co-ordinating a demonstration or pilot project. This often involves testing new technology or systems as they relate to information or traceability standards along the meat supply chain. An example of such activities is the trial of the eMTC (electronic Meat Transfer Certificate) across a number of meat processing plants. The outcome of the pilot is the proof of concept of the business processes as well as determining an industry cost benefit for adoption. Other projects evolve into operational systems such as the Electronic eFORM for statutory declarations (eDEC NVDs).

  3. Information systems services such as the electronic forms system for the livestock NVD and commodity declarations, feedlot data collection and analysis systems and the PigPass NVD system. These systems provide the client with a cost effective, turnkey solution with no capital costs, minimal outgoing costs and a high level of ongoing service and support. Operationally, many clients do not have the internal expertise, adequate funding or resources to implement and maintain such systems internally. Some projects involve the design and building of pilot and project rollout systems that are outsourced for a number of years until internal resources are available to take over the daily operational management of that system. Cost comparisons made over over a period of 2 to 5 years for a number of projects have demonstrated that the outsourced turnkey solutions provided by Management for Technology Pty Ltd have been between 2 and 5 times more cost effective than internally owned and managed solutions. The typical areas of saving are IT staffing, start up hardware, software licenses and ongoing system upgrading.

  4. Project reporting videos and interactive media preparation such as short videos of the project results prepared for a variety of audiences. Many of the project videos have been used by senior government officials and ministries as evidence of a successful outcome of joint industry and government projects. The industry and project specific expertise offered by Management for Technology Pty Ltd ensures that the correct messages and industry sensitivities are addressed in the videos and multimedia.

  5. Interactive training programs that include general training programs, competency assessment programs (eg AUS-MEAT OsCap program), visitor/ contractor/ new employee induction programs as well as specialised industry specific programs (eg Australian Intercollegiate Meat Judging training program). These training programs include text, video, audio and other forms of media to provide a rich learning environment. The training programs can be run online, offline, via CD, memory stick, etc., allowing for a diverse user base.